The Burning Hearth

A place to gather where stories ignite the imagination and free the soul.

Every two months, my blog, newly titled The Burning Hearth, will focus on a different theme. The first month, I will write either a fiction, creative non-fiction, poem, or essay focused on the current theme. A guest writer will be featured the second month doing the same.

Memories of our grandfathers will be the focus for the February/March pairing. My piece, a creative non-fiction, titled “It’s Elemental” will be posted on February 15. On March 15, guest writer Daniel Lanzdorf’s creative non-fiction piece titled “Grasshopper” will be posted. Dan is a fellow writer in my Red Oak Friday Roundtable group. I’m so happy to introduce my readers to his lovely, lyrical writing.

Since I am beginning my new blog in February, I am left with a month not paired. I will be accepting submissions for my October blog this year. The theme for this stand alone month is Dreams. If you would like to submit, please send your submission (fiction, creative non-fiction, and essays no longer than 1000 words, and poetry are all welcome), embedded in an email to by July 1, 2020. Please put The Burning Hearth in the subject line.

Other upcoming authors include:

Emily Blaser in May. Emily has her PhD in literature, enjoys writing when she can, and is one of the kindest, most delightful people I know. 

Amanda Zieba in July. I highly recommend her blog to any writer. You can follow her at I was a guest blogger for Amanda this past October. You can find my piece on beta writers here:

Lydia Mikkael in December. Lydia writes on sexuality, intentionality, and spirituality. You can follow her at On Wednesday, February 19, my piece on owning and overcoming dysfunction will be featured on her blog. You will be able to find it here: 

Before signing off, I would like to share some good news. My piece “Tornado Dreams,” which was in Issue Twelve of the online journal Bending Genres, has been selected for their upcoming print anthology. It will be available later this spring. I’m still stunned by this honor, and am so grateful to everyone at Bending Genres for including “Tornado Dreams” in their anthology.

Don’t forget to stop back in on the 15th! And, please, if you enjoy The Burning Hearth, share it with anyone you think would enjoy it too. Now, that I have found my groove, I’m hoping my readership will grown and expand. Thank you!


2 thoughts on “The Burning Hearth

  1. Oh, Connie……You have such vivid memories! Where are the matchstick creations? The little walnut people? Have you ever thought of creating a children’s story about Hank the creative Walnut man?? I never knew any of my grandparents and know little of some of family. But I like thinking about growing up on a farm and my pets and my imagination were my special friends!! I hope we can plan a time when you can come to our state and share your writing of memoirs. I want to hear you, see you, and create!! Miriam


    1. Thanks, Miriam! At one time, my mother had a display at the library in our hometown of quite a few of his creations. You are now the second person who has encouraged me to write a children’s story about this. I’m sure it will happen! Connie


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