About Me

Constance Malloy

I love storytelling! I love to dance! These two loves, my twin passions, have infused my life. For over two decades, I brought the joy of dance to hundreds of students through my teaching and choreography of jazz, ballet, and tap. Now, I want to make imaginations dance through my storytelling.

The power of narrative will never leave humanity. I believe there is something intrinsic in our nature that draws us to the campfire and the storyteller, whose face is lit by the flame, surrounded by the dark. We want to listen. We want our imaginations ignited. I invite you to come and sit by the campfire with me and to listen to my stories.

In the last two years, I have allowed myself a truth I’ve always known, I’m a teller of fantastical stories that deal with deep universal truths that are often more accessible to readers through fantasy and science fiction. For as much as I enjoy writing realism, it is not my authentic voice and now, in order to align my blog with my future writing, The Burning Hearth is focusing on writers of speculative literature.

I’m someone who grew up in a haunted house. My mother was attached to a charcoal drawing of a dead boy that was found in our attic, which she brought down in our house and for years hung over our fireplace. Whether he was the source of the hauntings or not, I don’t know but I can tell you I won’t even touch the thing. A dark energy emanates from it that is threating and seductive. It is best to steer clear.

I was addicted to Star Trek at the age of five when it went into syndication. A lot of my feelings and beliefs towards capitalism, equality, and culture were shaped by the influence of Gene Roddenberry and his vision of humanity’s future.

I am someone who has had many out of body experiences and who has communicated with my masters. I never feel alone because my teachers and guides are always whispering in my ear.

I am a lover of space and time and how we humans exist and move through them. I love the study of cosmology and to think deeply about all things wide and vast and mysterious, and unknown, and unseen, and what is right in front of us that we see but refuse to believe, and the vision that we lack but that we need, and imagination, and other worlds, and other species, and wants, and desires, and needs, and love, and truth, and betrayal, and the simple, and the quiet, and the gregarious, and all of this and more encompasses the worlds dancing inside my mind that make me want to tell stories and bring people to you through my blog who are telling stories of this nature and thinking deeply about their own questions and interests.

I love walking by the river and exploring with my husband and daughter. I hope her curiosity never leaves her. It is curiosity that keeps us young. I am an avid reader and have many different journals. All Moleskine, of course. I am lost if I have to skip afternoon tea with my husband. It is our daily ritual, now that he is a remote worker. I love putting on my pajamas and crawling in bed to read before sleeping. I’m a lover of tote bags, and I’m totally in my element when I’m putting a book, a journal, and my folder with my current manuscript in one as I head out for a morning of reading and work. (Psst…I do that even if I’m just going from my desk upstairs to my desk in the basement. The tote goes with.)

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