Tornado Dreams: A Memoir

by Constance Malloy

Tornado Dreams is the story of my lost and found emotional and mental health. It is the story of the discovery and rediscovery of my conscious awareness of how my troubled childhood affected my adulthood. It is the story of the person my past created, and my ever-deepening awareness of how I moved through the world as that person, and the shame that wrought in me. It is the story of how I put my ego aside and traveled inward on a journey to the deep waters flowing inside me, guided by the gentle hand of my therapist. It is the story of arriving fully conscious into my adult life, having broken the cycles of dysfunction in my family only after having recognized, owned, and overcome those cycles. I live a life today that does not reflect the one my past would suggest I should live.

If my story can help just one person believe that they, too, can recognize, own, and overcome their history, and live a recovered life as a result, then I have succeeded in sharing my story. I have opened my life to you, in the hopes that it will provide the courage and the strength, and a path, to a doorway for you to open up your life. Good luck on your journey!

Tornado Dreams can be ordered at any local bookstore and Amazon. It can be found on the shelf at Little Read Book in Wauwatosa, WI and Books & Company in Oconomowoc, WI.

Currently, I am working on a speculative fiction trilogy. Check back for updates.

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