The ICYMI In Conversation…November 2021

Happy November All!

Welcome to the ICYMI issue of In Conversation. I’m sad to say this will be my last In Conversation post. (Who’s to say a year from now I won’t reboot the whole affair?) I have had the pleasure of interviewing some really talented writers and all-around good people over the last twelve months. I’ve brought them all together in this one post, so you can listen to those you missed or, if you are so inclined, revisit one of your favorites.

I had a wonderful time interviewing everyone. In another life, I would have thoroughly enjoyed being a full-time interviewer. But in this life, I’m a writer, and in the last several weeks I’ve been taking a hard look at my time and how I spend it. I’ve looked at those things that move me closer to my writing goals, and those things that, while I enjoy them very much, distract me from those goals. Unfortunately, In Conversation falls into the latter.

Thank you to everyone who agreed to chat with me about all things writing and flash. Thank you to everyone who has spent your time watching/listening to the interviews. Please do keep checking in at The Burning Hearth where most months I will post written interviews with writers. Amy Barnes is coming up in January, and Kim Magowan in February. Before heading into the new year however, I’m bringing together writers I’ve come to know over the last year for my December post in the hopes of spreading a bit of warmth, joy, and laughs to my readers for the holiday season. (You won’t want to miss this.) Hope to see you there!

In Conversation with Myles Hopper November 2020
In Conversation with Kim Suhr January 2021
In Conversation with Nancy Bauer King February 2021
In Conversation with Al Kratz March 2021
In Conversation with Jennifer Rupp April 2021
In Conversation with Audra Kerr Brown
In Conversation with Christie Craig June 2021
In Conversation with Tara Stillions Whitehead July 2021
In Conversation with Karen Jones August 2021
In Conversation with J. Archer Avary Part I September 2021
J. Archer Avary Part II
Kathy Hoyle October 2021

4 thoughts on “The ICYMI In Conversation…November 2021

  1. Happiest of trails to you, Connie. You’re inspiring others to try something new and move on when the fit isn’t what it was meant to be. Cheers or a relaxing holiday!


    1. Your support means a lot to me! Thank you!!!


  2. Connie-It’s Miriam!! These past 6 months have been filled with new changes and challenges. Greg and I decided to move to the Twin Cities to be nearer Ian and his family. He kept asking us to come and “ not be orphans”! Then Greg found out a few weeks later, that he had melanoma( It was a little bump on his head about the sizes of half a pencil eraser.) We searched for timely and appropriate care, and Ian said there was a Melanoma Consortium at Regions Hospital in St. Paul. All summer we were driving back and forth from Ottumwa while he started tests and eventual immunotherapy treatments. We bought a house and Greg moved here…I was packing and selling a lifetime of furniture!! We sold our house in 2 weeks and moved in September. Greg is moving ahead with treatments. It’s all amazing to drive 7 miles from our house to go to the Guthrie and other theaters. Waiting to go to Art Museums when it gets really cold!!

    Let’s visit!!


    Sent from my iPhone



    1. Wow! Wow! and Wow! I’m available to zoom anytime. Glad to see you’re finally free of the big O. 🙂


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