In Conversation October 2021

In Conversation with Kathy Hoyle

Welcome back to The Burning Hearth’s In Conversation. This month’s interview with Kathy Hoyle (who is indeed every bit as nice and witty as she looks), was originally recorded for The Flashtronauts! this past July. Due to a whole bunch of upside down reasons, and my lack of aptitude in the conversion department, we were unable to convert this to our YouTube channel, but I had so much fun interviewing Kathy that I couldn’t keep this interview to myself. I approached my fellow Flashtronaut, Audra Kerr Brown, for her go ahead to share this on In Conversation. I was delighted when Audra agreed.

Kathy is brilliant and funny. In our interview, she shares her flash writing tips, which leads to much discussion. She also shares information on Writer’s HQ. In the end of our interview, she offers listeners a lovely reading of her story “Cursed With Bonny Lasses.”

The interview is audio only. Kathy and I spend at least two minutes frozen while our conversation carries on. While this is somewhat humorous, it is very distracting, especially when she is reading.

One final note before you push play. It is with bittersweet emotion that I have decided to make this my final In Conversation interview. I have given much thought to all of the things I do both in my professional life and my personal life in respect to two larger writing projects I am working on and have come to realize that I’m doing too much. I enjoy it all! But I am very committed to the novella and book length manuscript that I have undertaken. While I will continue to do The Burning Hearth and offer print interviews for writers there, I will be using the time and energy that has gone into In Conversation for my writing.

If you’ve missed interviews in the past and would like to hear them, come back next month for my final In Conversation posting, which will contain audio links to all my previous interviews.

Now, without further ado, I present to you In Conversation with Kathy Hoyle.

In Conversation with Kathy Hoyle

If you are interested in reading more amazing writing by Kathy, click here to read “Hiraeth” recently published in Reflex Fiction or here to read “Breathe,” which won 3rd place in the Cambridge Flash Fiction Prize 2021. You can always visit her website by clicking here. If you haven’t read her story “SCAB” I highly recommend it as well.

Kathy Hoyle is a writer of short fiction and flash fiction whose work has appeared in a variety of publications including Spelk, Virtualzine, Lunate, Cabinet of Heed, Ellipsiszine and Reflex Fiction. 

She was the winner of the Retreat West themed Flash Competition and the Crossing the Tees Short Story Competition, took 3rdprize in the Cambridge Flash Fiction Prize and the Hissac Prize and was a finalist in The Forge Flash Fiction Competition and highly commended in this year’s Blinkpot Awards. 

Other stories have been long or short listed in several competitions including, The Bath Flash Fiction Award,  The Exeter Short Story Prize, the Fish Publishing Flash Fiction Prize, The Retreat West Novella – in Flash Competition, Flash 500, LISP and Strands International.

She is a pushcart Prize nominee and  holds a BA (hons) and an MA in Creative Writing.

She is currently working on her first Flash Fiction Collection.

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