The Burning Hearth March 2021

Gather around the hearth

Welcome to The Burning Hearth. March has brought some much needed sunshine and warmth to my part of the country. All of the snow is now gone, the daffodils and crocus are finding their way back into the world, and the robins are returning.

Last summer, I attended a workshop facilitated by Robert Vaughan through Bending Genres. In his course material he had a link to the Laurie Anderson video “Excellent Birds.” Watching it, I was flooded with memories from my days of dancing at Iowa State University and the piece I choreographed that was inspired by both Anderson’s “Excellent Birds” and Peter Gabriel’s “This Is The Picture.”

Combining two of Robert’s prompts, one of which involved the idea of movement, I decided to once again pay homage to Laurie Anderson and wrote a flash, which I titled, you guessed it, “Excellent Birds.” In honor of spring and all the returning birds, I am sharing a reading of it with you this month. I hope you enjoy it.

Excellent Birds

Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you will again on March 20 for my In Conversation…interview with Al Kratz. Al is a writer and the managing editor of New Flash Fiction Review. His work has appeared in a number of places including Smokelong and Hobart. His chapbook Off The Resting Sea has just been released by above/ground press. Please join us as we talk about his editing position, his ideas on a DIY MFA, and his book.

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