The Burning Hearth April 2020

Gather around the fire

Welcome to The Burning Hearth. I hope you and your families are doing well in this time of uncertainty. I also hope The Burning Hearth can bring light and optimism to your day. The theme for the April/May pairing is motherhood. My post is a poem I wrote when my now 11 year-old daughter was two. My guest author, and dear friend, Emily Blaser, will be contributing her thoughts on motherhood in May.

Flesh is Memory
When the world goes to sleep,
I dream of you.
Your eyes.
Your smile.
The sweet smell of your baby's breath.
Often, I silently come to your crib.
To touch your cheek.
To place my finger in your small palm.
It's all so fleeting,
A night's sleep,
Your infancy.
And yet, you will be with me always.
As if your movement through time,
your ever-changing presence,
is something an alchemist,
can collect, liquify,
and pour upon my flesh
like rain.
A time when only sweet dreams are possible

I hope you enjoy The Burning Hearth. If you do, please share it with the story lovers in your life. The most wonderful thing about a cyber hearth is that an unlimited number of people can gather together to share its warmth.

The Burning Hearth has an open submission for the month of October. Theme: dreams. (It can be about anything with dreams as the main theme.) If interested, please submit a poem no longer than a page, or a creative nonfiction, fiction, or personal essay less than 1000 words to Please, include a brief cover letter and embed your submission in the body of the email. Sorry, I will not open attachments. Deadline for entry is July 1, 2020. Good luck!

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