What readers are saying about Tornado Dreams.

Lisa Anne writes on Amazon: Reading a memoir is a journey into the mind and heart of another. This book speaks to the capacity of the human spirit to overcome childhood trauma through brave introspection and a willingness to see that from darkness can come a light to guide us, but only if we do the heavy lifting of honest conversations, prioritizing our own fulfillment, and serious therapy. In reading this book, as a teacher myself, I better understand the urgency with which we must support young people in overcoming the difficulties their early circumstances can create for them. This was a stellar read.

Also on Amazon from KBW: Unflinchingly authentic memoir highlights the essential benefits of ‘choosing to become conscious’ rather than recreating familiar but toxic relationship patterns following an abusive childhood. Malloy engages the reader right away with the wise-soul-like voice of her younger self, clever use of symbolism and tone of familiarity. Her therapeutic journey towards ever greater open-heartedness was inspiring in its vulnerability. An especially engaging read for those who have been raised by a narcissistic parent. Hard to believe this is the author’s first go. Looking forward to what she offers us next. I was captivated!

By Marcia Gabriel of the Raconteur’s Writing Group: In my view, her book draws the reader in and holds him or her in suspense until finding out what has happened and its aftermath.

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